Hey champ. Sorry I haven’t been around too much lately. Things have just been real crazy for me, but I know that isn’t an excuse. I promised you a lot of things, and I’ve let you down. I’m not going to promise anything new, but I hope I can make it up to you.
The titles of these newsletters are gonna get weirder this year. I don’t know what dots my brain connected in my head but let’s get this over with.
Will Justin ever finish his Best of 2021 series? I don’t know, but hey, I’m here to let you know what’s what in 2022 so far.
Part Two of Justin’s Breakdown
Justin’s Picks for the Year
Don't Say "Skramz" Challenge and I Was a Teenage Metalhead
2004? Yeah that was like, 7 years ago? Wait, no...
Two scoops of Punk
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